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Trona Joint Unified School District's mission is to educate and empower all students to be successful in college, career, and community in the 21st century.


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College Admission:

    When it comes to continuing their education after high school, students have quite a few options. To be able to take the fullest advantage of all that the world of post-secondary education has to offer, students should plan ahead and prepare for the future. First of all, in order to have the most complete array of options available, students need to optimize their high school experience, which, among other things, means earning high marks in all their classes. Secondly, they should become intimately acquainted with the long list of institutions they can attend, and on top of that, they should consider their financial resources and what supplementary sources of financial assistance are available. To help students with all this the Khan Academy has put together a helpful guide for students. 

MORE INFO: College Admissions at Kahn Academy

 Superintendent's Notes:
WHY AVID? You may have heard the word "AVID" at both the elementary and high school this year. So what is AVID? And, why AVID? AVID is an initiative to prepare students for higher learning. AVID began in 1980 in a single classroom in San Diego, California and it is now in 46 states and 16 countries/territories. As our district implements the Common Core Standards (see the October Trona High School Newsletter), we are focused on preparing our students with the skills necessary to be successful in college, career, and community. What this means is that students are going to need to be organized and able to think critically. The focus of AVID is on college readiness, from the moment students begin in kindergarten, using research proven methods to support students in learning. At the elementary level, AVID provides students with a system of organization, introduces students to learning strategies helping them master the basic skills necessary while developing deeper understanding of concepts, and creates an awareness of higher learning opportunities. At the high school there is both an AVID elective and use of the strategies school-wide. The elective works with "students in the middle" as they tackle more rigorous curriculum and prepare for four year university acceptance and college readiness. The strategies school-wide build on the skills learned in elementary and assist students in successfully mastering the challenging content of the Common Core State Standards. If you would like to learn more about AVID, visit their website at www.avid.org.
Trona High School AVID students in one of their first tutorials. A student brings a point of confusion to the tutorial group and a college tutor, seated, guides the group members to question the student until she is able to solve her own problem.